Driving the team – A car session

Target Audience

Any team that is having difficulties regarding performance, relations between members, the way that they understand themselves or any other teams that want to get to know themselves at a deeper level. The existence of a leader is optional (as team structure) but if there is one it is highly recommended to participate from a team member role. – Not recommended for displaced or new (less than 6 months) formed teams.

Possible Coaching Reasons or Goals

  • Solve relational or performance problems that the team or leader senses;
  • Develop working relations and chemistry between members;
  • To integrate new team members that are having a hard time fitting in and the old members do not know how/are not open to helping them accommodate; 
  • Unlock team growth;
  • Eliminate polarities and conflicts in a changed perspective.

The Coaching Concept

The coaching concept used here is that of a car and more exactly an analogy between the roles of the car’s parts and the roles that each of the team members brings into the team (besides their official job description based roles). The coach creates a space where each member understands the different roles that one can have in a team, the way those roles have an impact, and how they can see who has each role. The input they bring is anonymous so they do not have any constraint of expressing themselves but the results are shared with them by the coach in real time (question after question) with the purpose of encouraging each member to be as honest as possible.

Expected Outcomes, Results, and Actions

Actions resulting from this coaching session vary from a change of roles in meetings to the person who organizes going out events and parties. The team’s official and unofficial roles may suffer changes that the team realizes they have more sense. Team members may assume roles that are not necessarily in their job description and team leaders may start delegating certain responsibilities to members that are finding them more natural to tackle.
Expect even changes of roles, teams, departments, or even leave of the company. At the same time, team chemistry is developing and bottlenecks in teamwork are discovered and overcome due to a complete analysis of individuals and relations, not only remaining in the work dimension.
At the same time, the team members will better understand their strong points and become aware of the unique talents that they bring to the environment.